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A cart near his body contained documents that helped cops identify him.

In a demonstration,he showed how cameras can be concealed in a fan and other spots around a hotel room.There were four cameras pointing at the bed and three in the bathroom, including inside a coffee maker.“It is not known if what happened was done after or before death.” Detectives were trying to find out if the ham was placed on his exposed derrière as a sick prank after he had died.Police also said he may have been taunted or sexually assaulted.He also may have been the victim of hobophobia, a fear or hostility toward the homeless, according to the Hatento Observatory, which investigates prejudice against vagrants.

His body reeked of booze and several empty bottles of alcohol were found nearby, the Mirror reported.When Foos owned The Manor House Motel in Aurora, Colorado, he built a platform above the rooms and would spy on unsuspecting hotel guests through vents. Look for any unusual objects plugged into the wall, like a flower pot.4. Disconnect alarm clocks and point them toward the wall.6. Place a towel under your hotel room door to make sure no one slips a camera underneath.8. He got away with it for decades and his wife, Anita, even joined in. Check vents for cameras, especially ones above the shower.2. The scammers may threaten to send compromising pictures or video footage of you to your friends, colleagues or family, or post it to your networks such as Skype contacts or Facebook friends.A half-naked British man was found dead at a Spanish airport with a slice of ham on each buttock and his genitals in a can of tuna – a death authorities mused may have involved “foul play.” Steven Allford, 51, was discovered face-down on a bench outside Malaga’s airport, with his hands and feet bound by cables and his pants pulled down, the Mirror of the UK reported.Jimmie Mesis, a debugging expert, specializes in finding hidden cameras.