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The girls “are only nine, 10, 11 [or] 12 and used for manufacturing heroin, or immediately married to traffickers or sold in other countries, like Iran.” The smugglers are “very powerful and stronger than the Taliban and the government,” Quraishi tells Werman.

Six teenage girls from Afghanistan have been denied visas to travel to the US for an international robotics competition, but they will be permitted to send their ball-sorting contraption to compete without them.

But their efforts proved to be in vain as US officials rejected their applications following a series of interviews.

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The aspiring inventors wept when they heard they couldn't escort their machine to Washington DC for the First Global Challenge, an annual contest for high school students from across the world.

They had twice trekked around 500 miles from Herat, a western city in Afghanistan, to the American embassy in Kabul to apply for the one-week travel visas.

The sickening footage posted online shows the distressed girl, only known as Rokhshana, aged 19, as she is thrown into a narrow hole so she is trapped.

As the screaming young girl cries for mercy from the hole, around 15 men begin to hurl stones at her.

The couple are said to have fled their families in a bid to find a place to get married.

The brutal murder is a reminder of the endemic violence against women in Afghanistan, despite reforms since the Taliban regime fell in 2001.Niima attends school each morning in a dress and a headscarf.Then she changes into work clothes and goes to work in a small grocery store near the family’s house.She squeezes her small body between tightly packed bags of flour behind the counter. If they looked into her eyes, she imagines, they would see she is not a real boy.With her short hair and grey tunic, 10-year-old Niima plays her part perfectly. That’s why she rarely speaks when she is Abdul Mateen, as she is known outside the mud wall of her home in one of Kabul’s poorest neighbourhoods.She told Forbes: “It's a very important message for our people. The girls are still working on a ball-sorting robot which they will send to compete against 163 other machines at the First challenge in July, and they will appear at the event via video link from Herat.