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Herbs have a range of sedative actions, that include pain-relief (analgesics), antidepressants, and anxiolytic (anti-anxiety), often combining two or more actions. In general herbal sedatives are milder than pharmaceuticals, however, if you are currently taking a prescription drug, please don't supplement with herbs - the results can be unexpected.

Analgesia is the reduction of pain, which according to a drug’s effect, may be more pronounced in either the viscera or the musculoskeletal system (see Pain Assessment and Management).Many drugs cannot be categorized by only one pharmacologic effect, ie, as tranquilizers, sedatives, or analgesics.Just smoked up a bong or two and must admit I'm pleasantly surprised.It's listed as a sedative on Erowid and it certainly is but with a slightly trippy twang to it.Most of the other ones I didn't find too interesting.

To list some that were sold around here though: - Wild lettuce (opium lettuce, lactuca virosa) - Valerian root, well known - Catnip - Damiana (good when smoked with cannabis!

They are simple to make, requiring only two basic ingredients: hot water and plant material.

Whether you like to drink cups of tea or prefer using them in soups or various blended drinks, they can act as enriching herbal superfood restoratives for one of the best ways to super boost your immune system and replenish your health.

Herbal tea preparation is an alchemical process that takes roots, leaves, mushrooms, barks or berries and transforms them into a liquid substance that can be easily absorbed by the body when consumed.

Teas are the synergistic brewing and blending of different herbal elements that work together to increase the nutritive components of the herbs being used.

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