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instantly recognized on every continent and in every culture. and his ongoing struggle with faltering steps and shaking hands raises troubling questions about boxing's safety.

If any of his children had become a boxer, their career would be a "human interest" story of a high order.

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And now here you can get what you really love and need.Erstmals in der Geschichte des amerikanischen Bezahl-Fernsehens wurde ein Frauenboxkampf zur Hauptsendezeit ausgestrahlt, angekündigt als "Ali / Frazier IV", in Anlehnung an die drei legendären Kämpfe der Väter der beiden Boxerinnen.Ali gewann den auf acht Runden angesetzten Kampf nach Punkten, kehrte aber erst rund ein Jahr später wieder zum Kampf gegen Shirvelle Williams in den Ring zurück. August 2002 gewann Ali den Weltmeistertitel in der Version der IBA nach zwei Runden gegen Suzzette Schneiders und fügte diesem Sieg am 9.When one of his daughters chose to box, she became a new reason for the media spotlight to focus on women's boxing.By coincidence, Laila Ali's ring debut occurred just one day before what was supposed to be the first male-female professional bout ever to be sanctioned by a US state boxing commission ... The near-alignment of the two events focused more attention on female professional boxing than there had been since Christy Martin's 1996 pay-per-view fight with Dierdre Gogarty.But the ring debut of 21-year old Laila, the second-youngest of Muhammad Ali's nine children, attracted major media attention and journalists from around the world joined 3000 fans in upstate New York to cover it.