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Most mornings he just heads downstairs to his garage, fires up some motivational music and climbs on his Exercycle. Justin.tv’s “lifestreaming” proved to be unworkable as both a business model and a way to live.

Some days he splits lanes on his Ducati Monster motorcycle to get to his other office down the coast in Silicon Valley. In fact, there are a lot of people who’ve grown up watching Justin’s life unfold online.

When he’s in city mode, Kan has to get his exercise in other, less photogenic ways. In 2007, he turned himself into a reality show, filming everything that happened during his waking hours.

It sounds more like a chapter from 1984 than real life, but couples have been filmed having sex via their Smart TV webcams and the footage of them doing the deed really has been streamed online for the public to see.

One poor couple were recognized by friends on the site Revenge Porn.

In a way, Snapchatting with fans who dream of creating their own successful company is coming full circle for Kan, who hustled his way through failure back when he was a scrappy kid, and drew on a deep well of confidence to maintain his sanity. Most of my friends who are super successful are not very active on social media.” And thus, we arrive at the paradox of Justin Kan.

Kan scrolls through the scores of questions that have come in from his followers overnight, looking for one to record a response to.“I started getting into Snapchat in January, just f*cking around with it to distract me because I hate cardio,” he says as he stands up on the pedals. Now I can answer questions for 40 minutes, and I don’t notice that I’m working out.” He finds a Snapchat question: “How do you stay focused while being active on social media? Any life coach worth their exorbitant hourly rate would sternly warn you not to waste time on social media.

Some are criminals, others work for major corporations. It may sound like a plot summary for a futuristic science-fiction movie.

But real-life versions of this Orwellian scenario are being played out every day in towns and cities across the globe — and in most cases the victims have no idea. An IT consultant called Jason Huntley, who lives in a village near Hull, uncovered evidence that a flat-screen television, which had been sitting in his living room since the summer, was secretly invading his family’s privacy.

The footage is then being uploaded onto porn sites. If on the other hand you How is this actually possible?

Well apparently smart TVs have very low security so hackers are able to break into some of its features – one of which being the webcam (which is installed for using Skype).

In this courtroom sketch, pop singer Taylor Swift speaks from the witness stand during a trial Thursday, Aug. Swift testified Thursday that David Mueller, a former radio DJ, reached under her skirt and intentionally grabbed her backside during a meet-and-a-greet photo session before a 2013 concert in Denver.