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As artists in residence the electronic duo CLUBbleu will finish the sound- and video- installation „Recycle Your Happiness“. Radio programme by Julia Mihály, featuring Interviews with David Helbich, Christian Grüny, Sabine Akiko Arendt, Ole Hübner, Philipp Krebs, Jennifer Walshe, Johannes Kreidler, Bastian Zimmermann, Neele Hülcker, Sebastian Berweck, Moritz Eggert, Peter Michael Hamel, Richard Haynes, Cathy van Eck, Daniel Agi, Andy Ingamells, Alexander Schubert and Patrick Frank. Concert with contemporary music and performance pieces for voice and live electronics.Live-performances and an open sound laboratory @ the BAR of the Kammerspiele will be presented within the first two weeks of April. CD launch of CLUBbleu’s latest release „DARK~asian~ENERGY [singa~core album], as part of the exhibition „incomplete Urbanism: Attemps of Critical Spacial Practise“. Featured composers: Karlheinz Essl, Iris ter Schiphorst, Felix Leuschner, Ole Hübner, Julia Mihály und Minas Borboudakis. Pieces by Mauro Lanza, Sascha Lino Lemke, Ed Bennett, Roderik de Man, Moritz Eggert, The Beatles, Daniel Moreira, Péter Köszeghy, Daniel Moreira, Benjamin Gordon, Sirah Marinez Alvarez.Gillard's prime ministership was characterised by a marked refusal within the mainstream media to report on policy positions and achievements, favouring instead highly gendered assessments of the supposed instability of her leadership, her relationship with Tim Mathieson and her style of clothing and deportment.

Now, two years later, that story and much more will be revealed with the book release on November 22.To get us ready, the author answered a few questions for BHT about her meticulous research and “the world’s most powerful workingwoman.” Julia Baird: It’s funny how, 115 years after Victoria’s death, the fascination with her intimate relationship with a servant endures.The Progressive is fortunate to have footage of speeches and interviews featuring prominent activists, writers, and leaders from Naomi Klein to Kevin Alexander Gray among its archives.In partnership with On the Earth Productions, we present this...In what has become a heated and polarising issue, both camps tend to frame the debate as a battle between the lovers and the haters, although they disagree about which is which.

As a result it is impossible to take a public stance against same-sex-marriage without being assumed to be fundamentally sceptical of the validity, stability and seriousness of gay relationships.

Julia Gillard was asked to justify her opposition to same-sex marriage on Monday, and again last night, but her answers fell on deaf ears.

A politically interesting and sophisticated response, it was nonetheless largely reported as 'fumbled', 'disingenuous' and 'confused' and it is time to think about why.

The Wisconsin Idea, encouraging a cooperative relationship among citizens, policymakers and our great public university system, made Wisconsin "a laboratory of democracy" and the birthplace of progressive legislation from workers' compensat...

As his possible presidential campaign heats up, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is planning a cut to the University of Wisconsin that could be the biggest in the system's history, even as he drops hints left and right that he's eyeing the W...

Solo recital with pieces for solo voice and for voice & live-electronics and video by Ole Hübner, Niclas Thobaben, Florian Hartlieb, Felix Leuschner, Minas Borboudakis, Karlheinz Essl, Annette Schmucki and Julia Mihály. Performers: Julia Mihály (voice), Jennifer Hymer, Bernhard Fograscher and Ninon Gloger (Toy Pianos, Piano), Stefan Weinzierl (Drums), Marion Fermé (Recorder).