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Not only was he quick to point out that his brother Mark and his band Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch went on tour with NKOTB and not the other way around, but he also told us who has better game between the brothers. Asked whether they knew that Knight was gay during that time, he revealed, “We were suspicious when we walked into a hotel room and saw him with a guy.” He continued, “But, look, he was dating Tiffany too, so who knew? Mc Intyre, apparently, also lost his virginity on tour.Knight feels that this project, judging from the countless letters from fans that subscribe to his website, is being eagerly awaited.

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Read on for all the info on the couple, plus some background on Rodriguez.It’s funny, because I feel like I have been public. The New Kids fans have always known about my sexuality, they’ve always known about Harley.It was definitely something outside of the box for me.I’m the one who sometimes doesn’t like being on stage and being the center of attention.I just live my life and I never really thought about it.

Name: Harley Rodriguez Age: 41 Hometown: New York Relationship Status: Dating Length of Relationship: 7 years How did you meet? Name: Jonathan Knight Age: 46 Hometown: New York Relationship Status: Dating Length of relationship: 7 years How did you meet?

I had girls that were all about my jean jackets and what type of perfume I was wearing, but a few years later when I was dating Jordan, they were scouring mad at me.”“It was one of the things that used to be on my rider when I would do my shows. It has great memories.””Partnering with brands seems to be very important nowadays, and those opportunities seem to be awesome when they come your way.

I think before, in the ’80s, it was more about fashion and music videos and a lot of radio.

New Kid on the Block Jordan Knight singing a private set for guests of Lifting the Limits for PKU" Gala Boston at the Fairmont.

About 350 guests including Mayor Walsh, Congressman Lynch, actor Kevin Chapman, and Drop kicks Ken Casey joined the party to raise awareness and funds for the rare genetic disease. Steve Lynch, actor Kevin Chapman and the Dropkick Murphys’ Ken Casey at the Lifting the Limits for PKU gala in Boston at the Fairmont Copley Plaza ...

And now all of a sudden I’m being thrown into a race and all these crazy challenges … It’s weird for me, but even at 46, it felt to me like a growing experience.