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The nanny claims she wants to start a discussion on corporal punishment, a parenting tool she's vehemently against.

After the controversial segment aired, the caregiver orchestrated a very lively discussion on Twitter: No matter where you stand, it's great to see people coming together to engage in a healthy and respectful debate.

The 44-year-old reality star has spent more than a decade lending her expertise in simplifying families' lives, but the focus she spent on keeping other families happy nearly cost her a family of her own.WATCH: Nanny Jo Frost Comes Out Swinging in TV Return Frost told ET that the job caused a rift between herself and her fiancé Darrin a British television personality who leveraged her 27-year-experience as a nanny for the reality television program Supernanny, in which she was the central figure. In their book Handbook of Psychological Assessment, Case Conceptualization, and Treatment, Children and Adolescents, Michel Hersen and David Reitman state, "With considerable skill, Super Nanny Jo Frost implements standard, evidence-based contingency management procedures, as well as heavy evidence of creating alternative positive activity structures." In 2011, Frost quit Supernanny, and Deborah Tillman, who ran a group of play schools, was hired as her replacement for the United States show. with Jo Frost premiered , on TLC in the United States with a 90-minute episode. tackled serious, complex issues, such as blended families, addiction, abuse, and marital problems in family's homes. is relatively genuine stuff, especially for the current incarnation of TLC.It first aired in the United Kingdom in 2004 and she has branched off into several other reality shows in the United Kingdom, United States and the Netherlands. Frost commented at the time, " I am not at all happy. Supernanny focused on discipline issues, but Family S. TV critic Hank Stuever commented, "For all its noise and uncomfy moments, Family S. Viewers who know Frost's previous work will have no trouble believing that she cares about the outcome and sincerely wants to help these families patch things up." Beginning 18 April 2014, she hosted the talk show Family Matters for ITV.As for the family in question, DCFS subsequently found no wrongdoing.

The father also claims he simply hit the bed with the belt and not the boy himself.

In an interview with the Mirror, she said: "My partner and I have spoken about it. So whether we do it biologically or whether we don't is something we have spoken about but that's not going to happen right now.

"I guess when the time comes when we feel, 'OK, shall we then?

Based in the Netherlands, Frost will travel across the country helping families.

An American version debuted on Up TV on 28 January 2016 for a 10-week run.

After a few years away from our screens, the titular Supernanny Jo Frost will soon be returning, in a four-part series that will focus on kids who have committed murder (via "With her extensive experience of working closely with children and challenged families, Jo will add context and insight to this compelling and exclusive new UK commission," Anastasi said.