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Body cam video released by the Maryland Office of the Public Defender on June 20, 2017, shows Officer Richard Pinheiro "discovering" drugs moments after earlier footage shows him planting the evidence in a Baltimore lot.

A Baltimore police officer has been suspended and two other cops placed on administrative duty amid an investigation triggered by body camera footage the public defender's office says shows an officer allegedly planting drugs at a crime scene and then "discovering" the evidence moments later.

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“This team is like my family,” she said just a few weeks into the season.She served in the role of breadwinner for the Jackrabbits, as a consistent post presence who averaged 13.6 points per game, 8.4 rebounds per game, 3.9 steals per game, and two assists per game.True to Buggs’ word, whatever the Jackrabbits needed, Jones did.“She makes all of our lives a lot easier,” said Poly junior guard Danae Miller, a fellow Dream Teamer.While police said they have not reached any conclusions regarding the allegations, the video, released Wednesday by the Maryland Office of the Public Defender, shows Officer Richard Pinheiro during a drug arrest in January placing a soup can, which holds a plastic bag, into a lot strewn with trash.Two other officers accompany Pinheiro as he hides the drugs.The Jackrabbits were the city’s only Open Division squad this year.