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There are some problems you may encounter with i Cloud Music Library.

Here's a look at some of the most annoying i Cloud Music Library issues, and if possible, how to fix them.

While listening to my i Pod Nano, I like to rate songs.In many cases, when I sync the i Pod, i Tunes automatically updates to reflect my activity on the i Pod.Apple's i Tunes media player tracks how many times a particular audio file has been played.This is displayed in a column labeled "Play Count" in a user's i Tunes library.Apple developed the play count feature of i Tunes to help with their "Smart Playlists" feature.

Smart Playlists allows users to control the way the "Shuffle" feature in i Tunes chooses music.So, to eliminate this priority problem, I sync just before going to bed, then close i Tunes on my computer. Is there a way to force i Tunes to accept my ratings and playcount updates from the i Pod?Apple has rolled out a new i Tunes update to fix a bug that could prevent playlist changes from syncing between Macs and i OS devices.Apple says that issue is now fixed in i Tunes 12.4.3, which is available for Mac and Windows users now.If you don’t like the Mac App Store, you can download this update from Apple’s website instead, which is where you’ll also find the Windows version.For the technically savvy Mac users, there is a script available that will reset the play count.