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I’ve never been good at that, and she’s really good at it, which makes me feel even more like s***.

held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Monday (May 1) in New York City.

18) — Time after time, Damon goes all in for Elena, which pulls at your heartstrings and makes you want him even more.

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“His decency is poured into everything he does,” he says of Hanks. He’s saying it would be great to be known for your decency.

And here Hiddleston does a brief impression of Tom Hanks (he does very good impressions of everyone, including me after a day) that is hard to describe, except to say that it summons Tom Hanks in a very profound way.

And it is because I love you that I can’t be selfish with you, why you can’t know this.

10) — Hello, sacrificing his love for his brother’s happiness?

After nine years, actress Julia Stiles has returned to the supporting role of Nicky Parsons in the upcoming movie “Jason Bourne.” Stiles says her character cares about Bourne and wants him to know about his past before she exposes the secrets surrounding him.

The actress also admits she was surprised when her fiance Preston J.

Cook popped the question, because she didn’t want to “ruin a perfectly good vacation” by getting her hopes of an engagement up.

Matt Damon's either got a serious addiction to Rogaine or sporting extensions because a man bun and full head of hair have appeared out of thin air.

Tom Hanks is the greatest—what a career that guy has!

It’s clear why he might love him so much: Tom Hanks seems as all-in as Tom Hiddleston. “I’m nowhere near Tom Hanks’s contribution or even close. But there is a value in it, you know, somehow, somewhere.” What he’s saying is: It’s worth it for us all to think about what we’re putting into the world.

’cause if I’d have chosen differently, I wouldn’t have met you” (Season 2, Ep. 17) — If your heart didn’t start beating faster while reading this, then there is something seriously wrong with you.