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Join the #Newstalk conversation on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat at Newstalk FM Why the blackout on the events from the IAAF?

Please be aware that real athletes do exist beyond the ignorant howls of the herd.

On Monday 12th September 2016, Newstalk 106-108 fm kicked off its new autumn schedule which includes a host of newly-appointed full-time presenters including Colette Fitzpatrick, Paul Williams, Alan Quinlan, Sarah Mc Inerney.

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Instead you gravitate towards the rough and tumble and delight yourselves in low level talk Your broadcaster is surprisingly ill-informed with respect to challenges within the health system (i.e.

X-rays after 6pm- these are available 24/7; , weekend discharges - these do take place, weekend rounds are a reality and discharges take place when and if patients have a place to go to, salaries for consultants - money is NOT the issues, making people stay for three years? A consultant post is not about an individual, it is about all the associated support services being in place.

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