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Accordingly, the Committee has prepared a set of answers to frequently asked questions for the general edification of the Bar. the representation will involve the lawyer in representing differing interests.” Rule 1.7(a)(1). In World Hill, the court denied a disqualification motion based on an alleged prior representation, holding that “[i]t is well settled that ‘[t]o determine whether an attorney-client relationship exists, a court must consider the parties’ actions. There is no prohibition or restriction on successive adverse representations involving unrelated matters or related matters where the interests of the former and current clients are not materially adverse.

The answers provide only an introduction to the topics discussed. Rule 1.7(a) provides in pertinent part that except as permitted by Rule 1.7(b) (discussed below), “a lawyer shall not represent a client if a reasonable lawyer would conclude that . Even when two or more clients have “differing interests,” the affected clients may be able to waive the conflict and consent to the attorney’s simultaneous representation. An attorney-client relationship is established when there is an explicit undertaking to perform a specific task. D.3d 94, 99 (1st Dep't 2008)) (second alteration in original). The Individual Lawyer's Role in the Prior Matter If both the “substantially related” and “materially adverse” prongs are satisfied, a lawyer must next consider the extent of her involvement or connection to the prior matter. To obtain the informed consent required by the rule, a lawyer must adequately explain to the former client "the material risks of the proposed course of conduct and reasonably available alternatives.” Rule 1.0(j).

For the trenches, dugouts and tunnels—many containing human remains and personal belongings—are ethical minefields too.

In a paper in this month's , Nicholas Saunders, an anthropologist at University College, London, says that archaeologists on these battlefields face a concentration of all the issues that have concerned archaeology in the past ten to 15 years.

Over the past few years, archaeologists have often come into conflict with indigenous peoples over the custody and handling of excavated human remains.

In Belgium and France the situation is particularly complex because the allied armies included soldiers from a variety of faiths and ethnicities, including Africans, Indians, Australians and Native Americans, all of whose traditions may prefer to treat remains differently. In the case of first-world-war sites, local people armed with metal detectors routinely collect medals and other memorabilia.

APA’s Ethics Code says that psychologists may only share the minimum information necessary.

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I look forward to working toward that aim at Campaign Legal Center, as well as working on ethics reforms at all levels of government,' he said. Elijah Cummings of the House Government Reform Committee used Shaub's comment to call for a hearing on ethics issues, but the GOP majority is under no obligation to follow his advice.

Corey Goldstone of the Campaign Legal Center said Shaub will fill a newly created post.

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