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Cathy can answer your questions about schools districts, proximity to the Jewish community and provide a general neighborhoods overview. Any new or returning Jewish community members can take advantage of the new Jewish Community Passport Program (JCPP), though the Community Concierge.She can also help connect you with a realtor or with that home for rent that will suit your needs. This offers a free one-year membership to the Shaw JCC and free membership and dues to each of the three congregations (Anshe Sfard, Beth El Congregation and Temple Israel). Each of the Jewish congregations in town offers Sunday school, adult education opportunities, social gatherings, holiday celebrations, volunteering opportunities, and regular services.New families to town with a direct connection to Jewish heritage are welcomed to a free annual subscription to the Shaw JCC! We offer a fitness center, free group exercise classes, babysitting room, aquatics center, early childhood education center, aftercare programs for school aged-children, s The Lippman School offers a globalized K-8 independent school education unsurpassed in the Greater Akron Area.

Since then the orchestra’s programming has reflected his strong interest in community-oriented projects.

During his tenure he has made it a priority to develop partnerships with artists and organizations based in Northeast Ohio, and to develop educational programming for all ages.

The booklet should be read in conjunction with the large book, Alcoholics Anonymous, the Bible, the daily lesson, any other pamphlets that are published by the group, and other constructive literature. furnish their prospective "Babies" with this "Manual" as early as possible, particularly in the case of hospitalization.

A list of suggestions will be found in the back pages of this pamphlet. The experience behind the writing and editing of this pamphlet adds up to hundreds of years of drinking, plus scores of years of recent sobriety.

As a guest conductor, he has appeared with many of the leading orchestras of the United States, including those of Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, Cincinnati, Detroit, Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, and San Francisco.

He has also appeared frequently with orchestras in Latin America, New Zealand, Spain, and the UK.

Every suggestion, every word, is backed up by hard experience.

The editors do not pretend any explanation of the spiritual or religious aspects of A. It is assumed that this phase of the work will be explained by sponsors. in Akron is fortunate in having facilities for hospitalizing its patients.

They realize that very likely you are groping for answers and offer this pamphlet in order that it may make a little straighter and less confusing the highway you are about to travel.

TO THE SPONSOR: lf you have never before brought anyone into A. the booklet attempts to tell you what your duties are by your "Baby," how you should conduct yourself while visiting patients, and other odd bits at information, some of which may be new to you.

The booklet therefore deals solely with the physical aspects of getting sober and remaining sober. In many communities, however, hospitalization is not available.