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Who could forget that iconic Beantown accent and strategic "Survivor" moves? See what the supernova girl is up to now Robert "Boston Rob" Carlo Mariano first made his TV debut in the early days of the reality phenomenon in "Survivor: Marquesas" in 2002.

There’s only a handful of people in the entire music industry as universally liked and respected as Nelson—at a Willie Nelson concert you will find grizzled old bikers in leather vests, hipster twenty-somethings and grandparents.Here’s what to expect at a Willie Nelson concert: He’ll open with “Whiskey River.” He’ll close with “I’ll Fly Away.” And he’ll play his ass off in between with little banter between songs, except for when he’s giving credit to his band.The college-bound senior from Sky View High School will graduate this Wednesday with a high GPA, having kept up her schooling even with it being interrupted by kidney dialysis and a subsequent organ transplant.While already considering a career in the health field, Jackie now wants to be a pediatrician who specializes in kidneys and help other kids like her.“I was already thinking about something in the medical field, like being a medical doctor, I just didn’t know what kind,” she said.According to his website, Mariano now focuses his attention on his production company, Murlonio Productions, "which is currently developing new and innovative projects in the television and entertainment industry."See which other celebs are Boston sports fans: BOSTON, MA - DECEMBER 8: Actor Mark Wahlberg and wife look on before the game between the Boston Celtics and the Philadelphia 76ers on December 8, 2012 at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts.

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), they were out-shined by their own opener, Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real. The son of Willie Nelson (I’m sure he gets sick of being described that way, but Lukas, trust me, leverage your resources) and his band (who have a side gig playing with Neil Young, ever heard of him?

Again, I know he probably doesn’t like being compared to his father, but I found myself wondering throughout his set if this is what would have happened earlier if Willie and Waylon had listened to more Electric Ladyland. I mean, I thought the roadies were above average, but I blame Anders Osbourne’s Grateful Dead tee for most of my confusion.

Barreling through a set with even less banter, the brothers Luther and Cody Dickinson and Osbourne, with a full band backing them, played even more jam sessions and guitar solos, but with a decidedly more bluesy inspiration. O onstage for their final song of the night—putting him onstage during the headliner’s hour, just as he should have been all along.

There was no teeth on guitar strings nor high kicks—just a whole lot of solid musicianship, brotherhood and a lot of fun being had on the stage. O.’s set and with my attention waning, I wandered over to the merch tent, where Nelson and his band were still meeting-and-greeting with fans—something he continued to do through the night.

At one point Jackie was on hemodialysis, and she had to travel to Primary Children’s three days a week, for four hours, for treatment.