Hoda kotb dating

Kotb moved in with her boyfriend, Joel Schiffman, last year.She was previously married to former University of New Orleans tennis coach Burzis Kanga.

Though she has always been very open about her affairs, the reason she split up with her ex-husband has never be revealed by her.

Caption: Hoda Kotb and her ex-husband Burzis Kanga After having the divorce, She underwent reconstructive surgery for the damage done by mastectomy in March 2007.

The couple divorced in 2007 after two years of marriage and had no children. Hoda Kotb shared the cutest photo of her daughter, Haley Joy, spending time with Kathie Lee Gifford on Monday, March 27.

Gifford, 63, held the newborn while Gifford, 63, held the newborn while Hotb sweetly touched her baby girl’s little feet.

They were mottled hanging out together at a beach in Florida.

Joel Schiffman has been married before and has one adult daughter named Kyle. I got tweets that said: "Oh, is that why you're not wearing your wedding ring anymore? It's called "We Can Be Kind" and Nancy Lamott recorded it. KLG: The best one is one I played on the air the other day that my friend David Friedman wrote. KLG: I do like warm gingerbread and fresh whipped cream. Later, she had a relationship with lawyer Jay Blumenkopf. Caption: Hoda Kotb with then boyfriend, Jay Blumenkopf.After Jay, Hoda has been dating New York financier Joel Schiffman, who works for an investment firm in New York. Though they had been dating for two years, she kept the relationship private.Hoda shared a couple of photos Thursday of Shriver holding Hoda’s new daughter, Haley Joy.