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If you wish to "Disclude yourself" from having immunity taken off yourself, type rcon amx_rcon/cvar disclude_self 1 then type one of the above commands in console. To take all admins in servers immunity off, type amx_globalimmuneoff and to turn immunity back on for all, type amx_globalimmuneon. Typed amx_cvar sv_allowignore 1 got same error as before. Quit server After reboot tried again and it tells me that the server is not in ignore mode.

[looking at Clarisse's tower] Lupin III: Shit... [holds out his hand] Inspector Zenigata: I won't become intimate with you!

Lupin III: The first thing we'll do is escape the castle.

I know there are tons of posts and threads around the internet for this question lol.

I know how to make a good lan server with a ping around 5-10, but I've seen in the big tournamets the ping is 2-3 at most.

The requirements to file a claim in a lawsuit against the manufacturers of optical disc drives (CD and DVD) is on the less onerous end.

The lawsuit settles allegations that Panasonic, NEC, Sony, HLDS, Hitachi, and LG engaged in price-fixing for the optical disc drives that they sold to computer manufacturers.

Lupin III: That's Zenigata, truly the ideal of the Shoowa Period.

Goemon Ishikawa: That's why you called Zenigata, right?

Change to "Bob's Server", etc.hostname "Counter-Strike 1.6 Server"//sv_lan - The region of the world to report the server in.// -1 World// 0 US East coast// 1 US West coast// 2 South America// 3 Europe// 4 Asia// 5 Australia// 6 Middle East// 7 Africasv_region 0//ROUND// mp_buytime Max number of rounds one team can win before server changes maps.

Default: 0 mp_winlimit 0// mp_spawnprotectiontime Time in seconds to Kick players who team-kill after round restart.

Allows an administrator with the flag of ADMIN_RCON (l) to have the capability of removing another administrators or even their own immunity, thus leaving the victim vulnerable to all admin commands.