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The only thing that's not supported is a log filter for active branch heads.

Changes: status: new -New issue 237: Don't normally show closed branches in merge dialog Anonymous on Wed, 0200: Description: In the merge dialog you shall normally not show a head(branch) that has been closed.

Remove all the non active branches from the merge dialog as default and add a possibility to show closed branches if needed.

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I would thus become the object of some indignation.

However, luck is with me—I've caught my error before I pushed the changeset.

You also have to tell ssh what username to use when connecting to hg.

This should be the username associated with your Mozilla LDAP account.

If it is not obvious why this change is appropriate, then explain why in the commit message.

If this does not fit on one line, then leave a blank line and add further lines for more detail and/or reasoning.

Simple question: is there a way to revert --all from Tortoise Hg workbench? Ideally, I could click on a revision, and from the right mouse menu find a "revert all" item.

I'm using Tortoise Hg 2.8 on a Ubuntu I am using mercurial HG with a SVN subrepo.

It is still possible t I'm using Cent OS 6.4, and did sudo yum install mysql-workbench-community.x86_64 That installed My SQL workbench version 6.1When I launch the application it lists My SQL Connections, and has a box for Local instance 3306.

When I double click that box the (I am a relative newcomer to Tortoise Hg, so bear with me :-) I use Tortoise Hg on two machines to talk to my remote source repository.

The interactive setup wizard can guide you through the process of configuring Mercurial to submit commits to Mozilla: part if you're not sure who is going to review your bug; the person who does the final check-in of the patch will make sure it's added.