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It stated that worldwide, over 300 million people (at least one million of them children) are living with HIV/AIDS.

The majority of these people were infected through heterosexual sex.

You know, it seems like we get calls all the time about this issue.


Because of the hardships that many gay men and lesbians faced when coming out, the gay community set up many supportive services and structures.

I don't think that the same sort of situation exists out there in the less cloistered world of the heterosexual with HIV.

I would feel grateful for that understanding and would be willing to start a relationship.

I would be willing to try a relationship for the simple fact that a person accepts my HIV status.

Grantors and contributors may thereafter rely upon such ruling or determination letter as provided in section 1.509(a)-7 of the Income Tax Regulations.

It is not the practice of the Service to announce such revised classification of foundation status in the Internal Revenue Bulletin.

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The following organizations have failed to establish or have been unable to maintain their status as public charities or as operating foundations.

Will I have to deliver that big dissertation about transmission again?

At least, I was spared of falling for somebody who could not handle being with a beautiful, sexy, HIV-Other times, my date would be incredibly receptive, loving, understanding and caring.

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