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We got paired up based on questions and pretty much what they thought was most compatible.

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A sorority girl herself, Cornwall has been dating a fraternity brother for two years, and believes their relationship has been easier due to the fact that they are both involved in Greek life.“He doesn’t get jealous when I’m at a social with another frat because he gets how the system works…When they’re in the same environment as you, they understand.” While dating Greek may help some find a future boyfriend or girlfriend, it can also get them stuck.The savvy ones not only have the boldness necessary to ingratiate themselves, they know what to look for. And music, obviously: Is that [insert music you have maybe heard of or even listened to] I hear coming from room 12? Not as religious as I'd been in high school, but, as any former Jesus Freak will tell you, the hang-ups last so much longer than the conviction.Sports insignia can indicate that another boy likes the things you like and thus may also like you (frosh boy, to older boy in Red Sox hat: "Hey, you from Boston? I love [insert music you have maybe heard of or even listened to]! In the beginning, it is all yearning and nothing is nefarious. Frankly, the relaxed social mores of college terrified me, and frat row pulsated with them. They worry about their hair and their breath and whether people will think they're cool.

Maybe they came from a high school where they were one of the smartest kids, or the handsomest, or the sportiest, or the wealthiest, or the funniest.

Jealousy is also less likely to come into play when dating fellow Greeks since they know it’s normal to socialize and party with so many members of the opposite sex at least two times a week.

“I know girls who dated guys outside of the Greek system, and they freak out because they think their girlfriends are going to be exposed to a lot of drinking and a lot of guys,” said Rachel Cornwall, a senior at UC Berkeley.

Even though your process dictates HOW you start, it does not DEFINE how you continue to leave your mark. The meat of our existence is based on you making an even stronger presence after your probate mask comes off.

Brag about the awesome initiatives you’re implementing.

Here are the some of the pros of dating a fraternity bro/sorority girl, as well as the drawbacks: When dating a fraternity brother or a sorority sister, they know how demanding Greek life can be since there are many social events, sisterhood/brotherhood obligations and community service opportunities.