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For some of us, it was the first time we saw kids that were emo, punk rockers, regular rockers (because there’s a difference), skaters, and goth.We identified with them and realized it was OK to trade in our pukka shells for a spiked choker.Sure, looking back, some of our high school photos are a little embarrassing, but it taught us a lesson in being our own person and not always going with what’s popular.

I have a great sense of humour and i am easy going.

i have one ear tunnel piercing, a lip piercing and 1 belly...

" Answer: A Christian's viewpoint on the Gothic / Emo movement should be avoidance of the culture's dark attitudes while still loving those involved in it.

Yes, there are definitely certain aspects of the Gothic and Emo subcultures that are incompatible with Christianity, but no more so than similar aspects of mainstream society.

These particular communities identify themselves with artistic darkness—darker clothing, darker writing, darker music.

In fact, both Goth and Emo originally (and presently) referred to specific music genres with punk roots before they were considered personal styles.

“I wanted to revisit the goth/semi-emo look because it was my experience with this style that led me to thinking about humanity’s biases when it comes to aesthetics and fashion,” she wrote. Because you’re beautiful and I am betting depressed,” a 25-year-old man said. Some friendly advice, watch and learn how to dress, or better yet, pick up an issue of Cosmo," another man said.

“Back in 2007…Sophie Lancaster (the 21-year-old girl attacked and killed in the U. by a group of teen boys as a result of her gothic fashion) was headlining the news. "I hate to say it, but if I saw you on the street and didn’t know you, I would be very worried for your mental and emotional stability," a friend who knows Southard admitted.

While it may seem that all Goths or Emos share the same level of devotion to darkness, each individual will have his or her own preferences about which aspects he or she chooses to partake in.

What is important to understand is that, for most Goths / Emos, it is a "dark" aesthetic they subscribe to, not necessarily darkness as it relates to evil. Enjoying art that emphasizes black is not inherently sinful. The Gothic / Emo subculture is no more inherently wicked or wrong than any other subculture.

When My Space let you put a playlist on your profile page, you made it your life’s mission to choose the songs that revealed your soul.