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In the mythical land of Huadu, Charcoal Head, a humble boy born to rule an empire must undertake his journey to claim his throne.

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A few months ago, James told Alice that he wanted separation when attending a friend's wedding together and she was seen alone.

She also does not chat with James on the phone at the drama set and returns home alone after work.

He was sent to Beijing and was eventually dropped by his management company in 2004, preventing him from releasing any new albums.

Siu has said 2004 was one of his most depressing year as his career spiraled downhill and his father also died.

Boy and Lee use We Chat and bump into each other one day.

They decide to play a game to date each other for seven days but not to fall in love.As she assists Wong by telling him to revisit all of his ex-girlfriends in order to find out the root of his problems, the two of them also find themselves falling for one another.Perhaps the vote I've given this movie seems a little high at first but I wasn't grading this based on technical achievement.The plot basically revolves around Fei, White and Fong, 3 youngsters who are unknowingly related and are carrying pendants that are actually parts of a map which leads to the legendary '...See full summary ยป Wong is shocked to learn from his girlfriend Annie (Leung) that she wants to break up.The following day his comment was taken out of context with news reports claiming that Siu's comments were made towards fellow singer Juno Mak, who was known for his wealthy father's backing of his career, angering Mak's supporters and fans.