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The Georgian quiz show "Women's Logic" features ditzy women and men who must guess their trivia answers, thereby showing their understanding of how women supposedly think.

Eurasianet Is Salvador Dali a French nudist, an Italian hairstylist or a Spanish surrealist?

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The Dali question, which ultimately stumped two women models who recently appeared as contestants on "Women's Logic", illustrates the concerns.

Unfamiliar with the meaning of "nudist" or "surrealist," the models, after examining a photo of the mustachioed artist, chose "hair stylist" -- a word they both knew.

Instead, it's back to business as usual for Clinton. But politically she is still her old self, and she cuts right to the chase.

The Senate Armed Service Committee is in session, discussing the conflict between Russia and its tiny neighbor, Georgia. "Did we embolden the Georgians in any way" to use military force? Did the Bush administration really warn Moscow and Georgia sufficiently about the consequences of a war?And how could it be that the United States was so taken by surprise by this outbreak of hostilities?These questions, says Clinton, should be examined by a US commission, which should "in the first place determine the actual facts." Although Clinton speaks for only a few minutes, her words show that the mood toward Georgia is shifting in the United States.The Georgians, however, became bogged down during their attack and failed to advance beyond Tskhinvali.They were inexperienced -- the civilian casualties in Tskhinvali were high.The Georgian interior ministry -- instead of the defense ministry -- managed the campaign.