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In spite of the rich images, Egyptologists still are not aware of the proximity of other planets near the earth.

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Wealthy towns turn to wastelands in just a single night.

They cover up their crime with assertion that the towns were suffering from pestilence and disasters.

Graduate students were among the few at that time who could even spell the magic words 'nucleonics', 'electronics' and 'vacuum lines' born of hush-hush wartime technologies.

In many ways the era was analogous to today's computer explosion where fortune favours the young and the brave.They forcibly hold all the resources for cultivation, monopolize all valuable practice materials, and keep outsiders from cultivating so that only their three factions could cultivate in the realm.Ye Xiao declared war against the three factions in retaliation of their actions. However he is reborn into the mortal body of a 16 year-old boy.Mark Wyatt: Introduction to the Mechanics of Geocentrism Dr.Robert Bennett: Scientific Experiments Showing Earth Motionless in Space Msr.As in most other cultures, a sky disc is central to Egyptian myth because priori-Mars remained stationary in the sky, twenty times the diameter and 400 times the area of the Moon for fifteen years at a time.