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In particular, the phrase “cool-headed logicians.” “It was a feeling of being trapped–trapped in this brother relationship, trapped in this dilemma in which people’s lives were at stake either way.

One way, if we did nothing, another bomb might go off and more people might die.

Jobs, then chairman and head of the Macintosh division, thought the Macintosh computer should get all Apple II’s marketing dollars, to try to boost its sales. “I said, I’m going to go to the board,’” Sculley recounted recently.

“And he said ‘I don’t believe you’ll do it,’ and I said, ‘Watch me.’” The board sided with Sculley, removed Jobs from the Macintosh division, making him essentially a king without a country. The Unabomber’s Brother Turns Him In (1996) David Kaczynski was filled with a sinking feeling when his wife pointed out linguistic similarities between the 35,000 word “manifesto” written by the Unabomber and David’s reclusive brother, Ted.

Floyd Landis Comes Clean (2010) Pro cyclist Floyd Landis had his Tour de France title stripped in 2006 after testing positive for testosterone, but for years he denied he doped. But finally, in 2010 Landis wrote a letter to cycling officials owning up to everything, and implicating, among others, teammate Lance Armstrong in long-standing doping practices.

“The driver pretended to have engine trouble and stopped on a remote mountain road for an hour or so so the entire team could have half a liter of blood added,” was one juicy tidbit. Jonah Lehrer Panics (2012) Then- magazine’s Michael Moynihan, who thought some quotes from a book Lehrer wrote, attributed to Bob Dylan, sounded fishy.

“As of today, whatever you want to know, provided it’s in the data-net, you can now know.” (Brunner 198) He will launch the leak to end all leaks, one that will not only overturn but replace the government itself.

All this is from John Brunner’s 1975 science fiction novel Set in the early 21st century, the book imagines a state-corporate surveillance and identity-management system and a hopelessly distracted and media-saturated population of flexible tech and service industry workers unable to think about anything in the long term.

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