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Edit: How many level 4 missions do I need to run to get my standing to 8.0? Also if you are CEO/Director you can ask the same question but also allow you to nail it down to how should do what mission from your corpmates to get your corp standing to 8.0. But Eve HQ has more hands-on features, like the audit tool and ammo analysis. Of course, I’ve only tried Eve HQ Prism and Eve MEEP; there are many other good tools out there.

For beginners at fitting, Eve HQ can be a bit overwhelming, but hardcore fitting wizards will find it useful. Check the Market Resources wiki page for more info.

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For casual skill queue-ers, Eve HQ will suffice, although those who want the best skill planning software available will find Eve Mon more attractive. EFT certainly has an easier to use interface, quicker access to often-used features, and better arrangement of information. However, Eve Mon’s better features and more intuitive interface give you more control over your skill queues and allow you to understand skill trees easier.Nice writeup…though I just thought i’d throw out there that evehq does have a learning skill feature…it’s had it since launch.At the bottom of every queue there will be a “You can learn this queue faster” (paraphrased, don’t remember exactly what it says anymore…I just click the big blue button) It only shows up if you can make it faster with learning skills, if not…nothings there.Best regards, Legedric pardon my ignorance but does it need the wallet access? In any case thanks for going through the effort i think it's a great idea.

I'll check it out properly when I leave work tonight.

So you may open the info and market details windows for every skill in your skill plan right away using the ingame browser. I'm currently going to import from evemon and play around while i wait for my red fed application to go through i'll let you know my thoughts once i have had a proper play I seem to have ran into a bug, trying to add missile skills into one of my plans (that i made on the site not imported) it goes through the motions and refreshes but doesn't add any of them to it? This is in chrome but i will try another browser eventually, for now though I'm taking a break from my pc for a while. a skill that finished overnight appears to still be in training and nothing i added late last night is showing up in the queue on the site.

Does the api need manually triggering at the minute?

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- Lightweight API access mask needed (only general character info and character skill info)- Responsive design - so easy access from computer, tablet and smartphone- Manage several API keys- Overview for all characters accessible via known API keys- Details for each character regarding wallet balance, current skill traning, traning queue, clone limits and all trained skills by group- Possibility to add/manage multiple skill plans per character with traning times, requirements, drag-and-drop sortation etc.- Import skill plans from EVEMon (XML)- Export skill plans to EVEMon (XML)- Import skills from fitting codes (like EFT)- Detailed skill browser to add skills including all prerequisites to a plan- EVE Ingame Browser support - View Info and Market Details for all skills in your skill plan- Add remapping points to your skill plans- Ship Progress Overview by faction - see which Caldari, Sansha or whatever faction's ships you can fly or what you need to train to do so I am already working on some other features that will be added during the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned Any feedback is much apreciated!

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