Error validating dyndns svr answer

(j'ai ouvert mon port 80 pour voir, mais a n'a rien chang)[email protected]:/# ./usr/sbin/inadyn -u username-dyndns -p password -a mon.--dyndns_server_name com --dyndns_server_u rl /nic/update?

The request may contain your requested hostname (your dynamic domain name) and/or your IP address.

The server then asks for the username and password. Many times, as in the above example is it specified in the "name=value" form.

even if they were using something other than a D-Link router.

Eventually, D-Link caught on, and kicked off everyone that couldn’t verify they actually owned a D-Link router with a valid Note: I’ve got an old D-Link DIR-615 wireless router that I no longer use, but because I have a valid serial number and MAC address from that router, D-Link still allowed me to keep a free DDNS account through their partnership with Dyn. As of the writing of this post, they still offer 100% free dynamic DNS services.

For example, my Google Fiber “network box” (their fancy word for router & Wi Fi access point) limits your choices to a small list of DDNS providers… But since I have a Linksys router running DD-WRT set up as a standalone access point at my Utah house with Google Fiber, and also use Linksys routers with DD-WRT in router configuration at both my main house in Seattle and our cabin in Eastern Washington, I was able to configure them all to use’s Free DNS service so that I can remotely access each location., then verify your email address once you receive the activation email. This needs to be one that hasn’t already been taken on the main domain you’ll choose next, so don’t be surprised if you have to try a few to find one that’s unique.

Click the Dynamic DNS link in the “For Members:” menu. For this example, let’s say I just used “steve” Now drop down the Domain list and pick one of the domains that’s available.inadyn officially runs on Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, and Open BSD.Update Client Configurator – Generate your conf file after reading how to run inadyn inadyn can be configured by command line options or by a configuration file.When prompted, input your registered username and password.Update: You can try our newer and easier guide which uses dns4here You might have recently setup your Raspberry Pi or your Linux box as a 24 x 7 torrent downloader, or a small Web server to host your own website.To solve this problem you can setup a Dynamic DNS which will update your IP to a DNS name everytime it changes and you can access you hosted website, or ssh into it to monitor torrent downloads with ease.