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As I read it, they are paying the greater amount in the knowledge that the tax will be applied, so that we get the dividend they want us to have the lesser amount; whereas in the past the tax taken has meant we have received less than they intended. I would not worry what may be detailed on any site if at the end of we end up getting cents 26'ish (cents 29-tax) rather than cents 26 and then tax taken on pay date.

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I really don't understand the increase, which doesn't appear to have happened in any other year (according to their website).Indeed, their website still states EUR0.2628 as the third dividend.77% of women would prefer to have a first date at a coffee shop or cafe 77% of men would rather spend a first date at a restaurant Europeans are more likely than Americans to split the check 76% of European men (and actually American men) would have sex on the first date, while only 42% of European women and 37% of American women would do the same.Most people agree that too much alcohol on a first date is a no no, too.In most parts of Europe two meals per day were eaten, one in the early morning to noon and one in the late afternoon or later at night. In Spain and in parts of Italy such as Genoa and Venice the early meal was the lighter one while supper was heavier.

In other words, it might refer to whether a commodity should no longer be on a pantry shelf (unfit for use), or just no longer on a supermarket shelf (unfit for sale, but not yet unfit for use).The concept of expiration date is related but legally distinct in some jurisdictions.Shelf life is the recommended maximum time for which products or fresh (harvested) produce can be stored, during which the defined quality of a specified proportion of the goods remains acceptable under expected (or specified) conditions of distribution, storage and display. High-acid canned foods (tomatoes, fruits) will keep their best quality for 12 to 18 months; low-acid canned foods (meats, vegetables) for 2 to 5 years. A product that has passed its shelf life might still be safe, but quality is no longer guaranteed.Shelf life depends on the degradation mechanism of the specific product.Most can be influenced by several factors: exposure to light, heat, moisture, transmission of gases, mechanical stresses, and contamination by things such as micro-organisms.Elections for scrip dividends must be received by the Company's Registrar, Computershare Investor Services PLC, by the record date in order to apply to this payment.