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So start by signing up for one of these services: IDrive, Dropbox, Sugar Sync, or Box. How it Works Once this setting is enabled, the app will copy—not just sync, but make a copy—of your photos into your file-syncing account.

There are many other great file-syncing and backup services, but I recommend these specifically because they all offer good mobile apps. Some of the apps have a setting that let you control whether the photos are copied only when your i Phone is connected to Wi-Fi, or even if it only has a cellular signal.

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She asked me to take a look, and the culprit immediately jumped out at me: photos. As a bonus, moving the photos to a new location makes it much easier to rename and organize the images, too. The easiest and fastest way to move photos off your phone without any cords is to use a file-syncing or backup program. And with IDrive, you'll see Auto Camera Upload as a main choice in the Backup section.

My friend lives in a mobile-only world, so she never connects her i Phone to a computer to offload images and backup her i Phone.

One would think that by now we would have covered all the different ways to put free cloud storage to use. I put my own brain cells on overdrive and came up with some uses of cloud storage that are creative The agility, flexibility, and low-cost scale ups turn cloud storage options into more than an online vault to back up your documents and files. Google Drive and Microsoft Sky Drive are ideal for creating and editing documents. The sum total of that knowledge goes into a Dropbox folder marked as “Financial Lessons”.

But cloud storage is more than these important but mundane uses.... But we all need a constant source of inspiration, and it usually comes from the stories of others all around us. Ryan showed one of the best uses for Sky Drive when he talked about using Sky Drive and the One Note web app for online research. Another good thing is that the same newspaper also publishes the exact newspaper copy as an e-paper.

A friend of mine was having problems recently because her i Phone was out of space. She also doesn't have a home computer where she might use i Cloud Photostream to back up her images to i Photo.

Apps weren't updating, some were frozen, and she hit other roadblocks all because of her storage ceiling. Nevertheless, there is one amazingly easy solution, and I'll share it with you here. Box has Automatic Upload under File & Folder Options.

All these services have a free version, too, except Sugar Sync (which offers only a 90-day free trial). Download and install the backup program's i Phone app. That setting is helpful if you have a limited data plan.

Now, any time you take a photo, it's copied into your file-syncing or backup account right away.

There are a few other features you can enable or disable related to the camera upload tool (see the video). Additionally, when you log into Dropbox (or whichever service you use) on your computer or the Web, you'll see all your i Phone photos in a folder.

Most of them will make your life more convenient when enabled, but will tax your phone's battery. They'll be there even if you delete the photos from your i Phone, which you should do if you need to free up space!

Aaron gave us a detailed walkthrough on using Have you ever received an email from your boss, family member, friend or some other connection with an attachment in it, then saved that email because you wanted to access the attachment later? You can also use simple Google Scripts to set up automated workflows for saving file and image attachments to Google Drive. These photography infographics are not only instructional, but are also cheat-sheets.