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She beams when Tony heaps praise on her, and curtsies with an overly dramatic flourish when Tony gives her credit for inventing -- no, wait, introducing him to -- Three Way Lunges.

Dreya Weber is an actor playing her third lesbian role in A Marine Story.

It's 90 straight days of working out for 60-90 minutes per day.

And it's meant for people that are in way better shape than I am.

Talking about his personal life Tony Horton is happily married man.

He and his wife Shawna Brannon began their romantic love affairs and they began dating each other as a boyfriend and girlfriend. He was raised by his parents in Trumbull, Connecticut. Edit In 1980, he became a personal trainer to an executive at 20th Century Fox, working out of his garage and charging per lesson.

She has worked as an aerialist for entertainers including Madonna and Pink, for whom she choreographed several aerial acts including the performance of Pink at the 2010 Grammy Awards.

She toured with Cher during her Living Proof farewell tour and choreographed all of the aerial routines.Isn't it enough that her glamor shots are plastered on all the P90X packaging and posters?Or that she's the only one of Tony's minions featured in the P90X supplement commercials with Mark "The Zombie" Sisson?She returned from Mexico to attend Hunter College in New York City.She performed aerial silk at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.There are so many classic moments in these videos that I want to make this some sort of "Work in Progress" where people can submit their own "P90X moments".