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Jujubee appeared on Ru Paul's Drag Race when she was 25, finishing the season in third place.

But his ex-wife, Sitora Yusufiy, when asked on CNN Monday if he was gay, sat in silence for a few seconds before answering, “I don’t know.” Ex-L. neighbor of Orlando club shooter recalls 'restless' kid She said Mateen — who she married in 2009 but left months later, claiming he beat her — confessed to her that he liked to go nightclubbing. LUPICA: Latest tragedy is a lesson on how to commit mass murder "If it was true I would say yes, if it's not true I say it's not true,” he added.“When we had gotten married, he confessed to me about his past -- that was recent at that time -- and that he very much enjoyed going to clubs and the nightlife," Yusufiy said. A former classmate of Omar Mateen’s 2006 police academy class, however, said he believed Mateen was gay.Here’s hoping that by talking about these types of issues we can, “Snap out of it! Here are 10 things this season revealed about racism within the LGBTQ community: 1.) No Fats, No Femmes, No Asians Kim Chi is an accomplished artist, Instagram celebrity, and Drag Innovator.She’s done things with make-up that could flip your lace-front.But, given the fact that the gay community is a microcosm of our country, it stands to reason problems like racism and discrimination are raised, dissected, and debated by our fair queendom.

being one of the most popular television shows by and for the LGBTQ community and their allies, there’s a lot we can learn about ourselves if we read between the lines.

, or any of the editors, producers, PAs or key grips on the show are racist.

That’s something only God and their hairdressers would know for sure.

"Right now I’m just very busy doing a lot of things and kind of just getting used to where I’m at and who I’m at," said Jenner.

"As time goes on I’ll deal with that subject." De Generes addressed the Candis Cayne dating rumors by asking if her partner will be Candis. She’s a beautiful women." Watch the videos below to see their conversation, including a discussion about how Jenner used to wear bras and pantyhose under her suits while she lived as Bruce and cross-dress while traveling.

This season is arguably the best season in herstory.