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Note: Sophos's advanced categorization data uses the most current technical definition for Adware, and thus recognizes the difference between non-malicious adware, such as "cookies" and more serious Spyware.

Material science advancements have enabled dental professionals to design and fabricate highly customized restorations that meet patients’ aesthetic and functional requirements.

Such advancements are especially helpful when replacing failing or defective restorations.

That night, an armed intruder slipped into Steven's bedroom and fired a point-blank shot directly into his chest.

Steven survived the initial shot, but five months later, died from complications related to his injury.

And earlier this year the UK's six leading specialist dental societies published a dramatic joint statement in the British Dental Journal expressing concern at the risks of 'increasingly popular' cosmetic dentistry, describing cases of permanent damage to teeth caused by veneers as a 'worrying and growing problem'.