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I started master bating any time I was awake in hopes I could sleep for ten more minutes.

I was hallucinating so bad I was looking for my outfits aka needles in the blankets. I am going to get out of the motherfucking kick tank (that's how I talked back then) and ask to go to a program. She had apologized to me the moment after the altercation ended.

Some people say its all made up, some believe them from the core of their hearts while some try to find rationality among the widely spread stories.

There are a few stories around this complex probably due to the mammoth size of the building or the huge piece of land this building acquires.

Out of these stories, two are the most famous versions that are listed here.

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I spotted it in the window of the secondhand store near my apartment, went in to look it over, and the proprietor told me where he got it.

It came from one of the last of the big, old, mid-Victorian houses in Brooklyn; they were tearing it down over on Brock place a few blocks away.I'm twenty-four years old, tall and thin, and i live in Brooklyn to save money, and work in Manhattan to make it.When you're twenty-four and a bachelor, you usually figure you'll be married before much longer,and since they tell me that takes money, I'm reasonably ambitious and bring work home from the office every once in a while. I went out of that room in handcuffs with a whimper. You have to provide evidence you have puked to get a shot of compuzine. The utter humiliation of having the deputy ask you to take you hands out of your pants to get your tray. Years later, I used to see that same deputy when I worked in the jail. As I grabbed her neck and reached back to beat the living hell out of her with my last bit of nervous energy- I froze. The jail provides an ibuprofen, Tylenol, belladonna. All of the feelings that have been numbed seem to arrive in your crotch. Around the third day, I was paralyzed by muscle cramps. The worst part of the detox is that now your mind is clear enough to flood in memories of all the terrible things that have ever happened. If I get the chance to get out of here, will I do it again? Another inmate jumped on me in my vulnerable state. It is said that even to this day, the spirits of those workers lurks inside the new complex during the darker hours.