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Insider Internet Dating has become a best selling online dating guide for men, prompting a review by PUABooks.net's Clint Johnson.

Johnson asserts that this ongoing press coverage is exceptional for a men's dating expert: "Few dating coaches or 'gurus' garner the sort of mass media attention that Dave M has received for his Insider Internet Dating program, and that is one of the reasons we published our review," says Johnson.

"I think one of the reasons it has become so popular is because guys can relate to Dave.

***This reader's letter frames a great topic*** Dear Dave, Date #1 was coffee.

Date #2 was yesterday, and success came as a surprise. I understand the theory behind being cocky/funny, but from lack of experience, I couldn't quite start doing it on date #1.

"At we cater to single men looking to exploit every possible avenue for meeting women, so we decided to take a look at Dave's program and see if it was a worthwhile online dating resource to recommend to our site visitors." Dave M was by his own admission a "dateless nerd" before discovering the formula that allowed him to date over four hundred women in the past few years including Playboy Playmates, Vegas show girls, and swimsuit models.

Dave's online dating success also led him to be featured in David De Angelo's "Interviews With Dating Gurus" program, Vanity Fair Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, on ABC Primetime and other high profile media outlets.

" However, I *just stuck to the method.* No one overhearing us would have said, "This guy is funny as hell," but he would have said, "This guy has a sense of humor and is confident." We ate sushi, then went to a movie (A Beautiful Mind). Boy was I surprised when this cutie suddenly was so warmed up I could smell the pheromones! As practice, I answered some ten online personal ads, got two replies, but in both cases the girl dropped the ball. In other words, if a guy says something that's cocky and funny, and the girl doesn't jump on him, he assumes that he made a mistake. Then, if she keeps actually objects to what you're saying in a "serious" way, you'll know that she's probably a cold fish and not going to be any fun anyway.

Suddenly *she* started touching me while whispering comments. I realized that I did not apply any cocky/funniness in the emails. Even worse, sometimes women will respond to cocky/funny comments with the "I can't believe you just said that" look... But in MOST cases, you'll find that the second comment either gets a laugh...

But she seemed a bit distracted and I didn't quite feel a connection building. both in my personal experience, and when coaching guys in general.

Worst of all: a Voice in the back of my head kept saying, "Man, you're just not doing this right; you're missing something; you've got so much to learn; back to the drawing board! A lot of guys have this idea that if they're not seeing "instant results" that what they're doing isn't working. The best thing to do when a woman gives you this kind of look or response is to SAY SOMETHING ELSE THAT'S EVEN MORE COCKY AND FUNNY!

Afterwards, we got to kissing without even a kiss test! or at least a "I can't believe you just said that" look.