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Having someone we’ve never met or corresponded with try to enter that space is akin to having them show up on our doorstep.

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So before you run off and do mandatory escaping, explore few Dating Don’ts and save your date.

Do you wonder in spite of being all set for Date, why you end up at sixes and sevens?

When I began receiving them, I wasn’t writing for the blog, so they had no way of knowing my last name; they had to have spent time searching through all the girls on Facebook named Ella. Give someone a chance to find out your quirks for themselves. If you are serious about finding your future spouse, then you want to present yourself in the best light possible. Make sure the photo isn’t blurry, dark, and your face isn’t blasted out by the flash.

Although these suitors may have had good intentions, these experiences prompted me to think about other things that singles do to scare off potential matches. Don’t add someone on Facebook without the person having told you her last name. It allows you and the person of your dreams to get to know each other in a safe and comfortable situation. You don’t want to present yourself as unloveable; you are lovable! Also, stay away from too much head tilting—look into the camera confidently.

It is far too easy to lose a guy if you aren’t careful, but Her Campus is here to help you navigate the rocky waters of the dating pool with our list of the Top 6 Dating Don’ts.

Announcing Your Love to the World Slow down girlfriend — don’t change that relationship status on Facebook quite yet.

It can be startling to receive a friend request from a guy you have never corresponded with. For the gals, wear a color that is flattering and guys, always wear a shirt! Don’t have other girls/guys (who aren’t your sisters or brothers) in your main picture.

This isn’t Sister Wives and I don’t want to be part of your entourage.

Get a load of ‘Out Of Bound’ dating gimmicks you were applying till now which were simply destroying your Date. Never be late You are arriving on time and your valentine may or may not arrive late, but it’s not going to be you.

Because being late is a sign of the significant amount of disrespect, lack of class – in a word ‘Rude!

Online dating sites love to boast about the millions of members they have.