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We have loads of professionals over the age of 40 joining itself and also across our other sites.

It therefore makes no real sense for someone on Grown Up to just restrict themselves to people who joined Grown Up itself - as this would reduce their number of potential dates over tenfold.

We are a specialist animal lovers dating site which helps people with a love of animals from all over the UK meet other single adults who share their passion for pets.

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Raising a pet teaches responsibility, kindness and compassion for another living creature.

Besides being adorable, pets give back to humans, and the internet is awash with moving videos of For the pet lovers out there, the special bond between you and your furry friend is something that only someone who owns a pet can truly understand.

Our pet lovers dating service will help you find that special someone who will love both you and your animals.

Animal Lovers Dating Café is an online dating site where lovers of animals can meet each other for friendship, romance or more.

It’s really exciting to see how dog lovers are quickly building this community." 2. Is Tindog just another dating site, where humans use their dogs as an icebreaker?

The great benefit of being part of "Network" of dating sites - as opposed to just one site - is that you have the opportunity to meet lots more like-minded people As a member of one of our sites it is possible to restrict yourself to just the members of the one site you have joined by selecting the option on our SETTINGS page However, we really recommend that members remain open to other people from the other sites on our network - and 98% of member are OK with this All sites on our network are "Nice" sites aimed at people looking for friends and long term relationships. Our partner sites tend to be niche or personalised to a greater or lesser degree.

Now let's look at something a bit more niche - our "Eco" sites - aimed at people who are "Green", into sustainable living, ecology and related environmental concerns.

No one Eco site is likely to have enough members to make joining that one single site worthwhile.

Some of these have very small numbers of joiners - so if members just restricted themselves to their "Own little salsa island" then it would not make sense to join any of these individually.