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A mystery develops as time line events don't always happen like they are supposed to.

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The best places to ask questions about Ren'Py are the Lemma Soft Forums and the #renpy IRC channel.If you think you've found a bug in Ren'Py, report it to our Git Hub issue tracker.Facebook: We announce new releases and other community news on our Facebook page.Deviantart: Artists interested in Ren'Py and visual novels might want to visit our Deviant Art group.When you read through something, work with what is agreeable to you.

That does not mean that you should overlook what is advised.

A Bx G romantic comedy visual novel done with 3D graphics.

Something's In The Air is a dating sim visual novel with about 25 endings and many twists and surprises.

The easy to learn script language allows anyone to efficiently write large visual novels, while its Python scripting is enough for complex simulation games. The quickstart walks you through the process of creating a simple game.

Ren'Py comes with a comprehensive, if complex, reference manual, also available in Japanese.

As soon as she enrolls, she’s chosen to be an executive committee member for the traditional cultural festival, Hoshinomori Summer Festa.