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“Dude, your laughing ones are where it’s at,” he says.After snapping a few dozen pictures, Schwartz picks a winner: a charming shot that shows off Cieri’s winning smile.Within a few days, Cieri has uploaded it to the front page of his profile on Tinder, the popular dating app where users judge you with a swipe. Ditch the selfies, because the era of the professional Tinder headshot is here. Schwartz, 25, put up a Craigslist ad and a one-page website,, over the summer as a goof after seeing how seriously his friends took Tinder.

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He charges for one retouched photo or 0 for three.Though his specialty is lifestyle and men’s fashion photography, he’s been so busy with the Tinder shots that he’s financed a trip to Europe with his earnings.“We live in a digital age, especially a digital age of dating,” he says.“Everybody is so quick to be judgmental, unfortunately, on first impressions.The way Lizzie describes it, this child – let’s call her Amy – is attention-seeking, divisive, always striving to break up friendships and inveigle her way in.

“We’ve all got long, blonde hair and we all like fake-fur jackets.” She shows me a picture, all lithe limbs and button noses. Another image: a squat child clad in a curious hessian affair, her dark hair an electric frizz around her scalp. Among young women, pretty is not so much a cult as the new orthodoxy.

I would have considered it spam, but it was too well written and there were no links for erectile dysfunction pills.

She read my blog, she looked at my pictures and she was devastated.

Tip Two: Pick A Background While it’s nice to see your bedroom in the background of your selfies, think outside of the box!

Keep your eyes out for backgrounds with lots of colour or a unique pattern to really make your outfit pop.

Sam Cieri sits on a stool in front of a plain white backdrop and fidgets, trying to find the right look. ” he asks, grabbing a pair of Ray-Bans off a nearby table and affecting a sly smirk.