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Writing on the Conservative Home website, Mr Timothy said: 'I take responsibility for my part in this election campaign, which was the oversight of our policy programme.'In particular, I regret the decision not to include in the manifesto a ceiling as well as a floor in our proposal to help meet the increasing cost of social care.'But I would like to make clear that the bizarre media reports about my own role in the policy's inclusion are wrong: it had been the subject of many months of work within Whitehall, and it was not my personal pet project.'Mr Timothy insisted the Conservative campaign secured an 'historically high number' of votes on Thursday - more even than Tony Blair managed in 1997.

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Former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg claimed on Friday that legalising cannabis in the UK would improve public health, but warned of the “risks of unfettered commercialisation”.In doing so, Mr Clegg highlighted the potential tension between building a model that works for health and one that works for business.Ivanka Trump had quite an interesting dating history before Jared Kushner put a ring on it!Donald Trump's daughter certainly had a thing for famous men, judging by the two stars she was previously linked to in her mid-20s. The 35-year-old business mogul briefly dated Grace back in 2006.Recent updates to the list: Cyrus Bischoff, Phillip J.

To determine whether a practitioner has been previously disciplined, click on this link for the List of Previously Disciplined Practitioners.Any projected figure can only be regarded as a rough estimate, but £1bn is certainly within the realms of possibility.Calculations are largely based on how many cannabis users there are in the UK, and how much they smoke. According to the 2015/16 Crime Survey for England & Wales, there are around 2.1 million cannabis users in the UK, however this is likely to be an underestimate as people tend not to be forthcoming when sharing information about illegal activity.How much money has legalisation added to the US economy?Cannabis is illegal federally in the US, so any nationwide figure is only a projection.20th Century Fox debuted a special prologue for Alien: Covenant during Wednesday's episode of FX series Legion.