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There is usually limited privacy in these multigenerational houses.

While the information and observations provided in the Cultural Atlas have been summarised from reliable sources, it is important to bear in mind that the information is a general guideline.Cultures are complex, dynamic and constantly changing, and every country has great depth and diversity.Batuli Lamichhane, of Nuwakot, is indeed 112 according to her ID, but local residents said she could be as old as 114. And those who do not work or are idle in their old age won't live long. The super centenarian also shared a surprising fact about her life -- she's had a daily pack-and-a-half habit for the past 95 years.Lamichhane attributed her longevity to keeping active. If you study a lot and work hard, you'll live a long life. This means couples generally expect daughter(s)-in-law to join the household.

Adults often continue to live in the same household as their parents to start families.

India is a foreign nation but not much different culturally.

There is not much fuss in the families of the border areas. Some Nepalese wed Europeans, Americans, Australians and other Asians.

Few decades later, Mercantile Computers was established and with it, came the internet.

Though there is an accelerated development in technology, it still isn’t enough to catch up with the progress made in the field in other nations.

“We will remain hungry in the World of the Spirit,” they said what they believed.