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JJ grew up in the streets at an early age gambling & hustling anything to earn a few dollars.

He came from a family of roofers and roofed himself for the first 20 years of his life.

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Back in the old days they would count 1-2-3 and then drop their hands to start the race.He is still known today for chopping the tree down or cutting a good light.The unit sent a decoy officer out to ask for sex from women on the street.When the women agreed, other officers would descend on the scene and make the arrest. Lizzie Douglas (June 3, 1897 – August 6, 1973), known as Memphis Minnie, was a blues guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter whose recording career lasted from the 1920s to the 1950s.

She recorded around 200 songs, some of the best known being "Bumble Bee", "Nothing in Rambling", and "Me and My Chauffeur Blues". Her parents, Abe and Gertrude Douglas, nicknamed her Kid when she was young, and her family called her that throughout her childhood. When she first began performing, she played under the name Kid Douglas.

When she was 7, she and her family moved to Walls, Mississippi, south of Memphis.

The following year she received her first guitar, as a Christmas present.

Down the streets of Memphis, a team of special investigators are hitting the streets undercover to rid the city of prostitution. U., MPD's organized crime unit."It's important because one thing, you find juveniles involved in prostitution and those juveniles that we do find we must save them from that life,” Col. “We also have a problem prostitutes being out there and getting robbed or being victims to crime themselves, as well as individuals who deal with them being victims of crime."Last year, he said about 273 people were arrested for prostitution.

Memphis police find women and men selling their bodies for sex at places and times you would least expect. Many of them were found during routine weekly police details with VICE and OCU working together.

Twelve women were arrested Tuesday in a prostitution sting in Memphis.