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Summary Body: Mahogany Neck: Mahogany neck with a "C" profile, 1 1/2" wide nut, rosewood fretboard, 12" radius, and dot inlays Neck Thickness: .91" at the 1st fret, 1.03" at...

View full product details → Summary Body: Maple top and sides with a mahogany back Neck: Maple neck with a rounded profile, 1 5/8” wide nut, rosewood fretboard, 7.25” radius, and dot inlays Pickups/Hardware: Original...

Built with elegant simplicity and unmatched craftsmanship—George Way drums carry on the legacy of one of the most iconic and prolific drum designers ever, George Harrison Way.

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You raised or lowered the stop tail into the sweet spot or maybe you came to the conclusion that there really isn’t a sweet spot and that’s fine.There’s no buzzing, so the frets and the nut are good, so you’re done right?Unfortunately, as amps got louder, so did the feedback from semi acoustic basses, and these were discontinued.However, ever since the return of ‘Unplugged ‘sessions these babies have become popular once again and highly sought after!View full product details → " data-bread-crumbs="1000-3000;4-String; Bass; Black Color;condition: Brand New; ES-335 Bass;gibson; Hollow Body; Just Arrived;memphis;new; Passive Electronics;reverbsync-offers:off;reverbsync-seller-cost: 600.00;reverbsync-shipping-profile: No International Shipping; Rosewood Fingerboard;" Gibson Memphis ES-335 Bass Ebony NH This Gibson ES-335 Bass is a thumping, vintage voiced tone machine.

With 60s style contours, and a sleek minimalist aesthetic, this 335 will satisfy...You might be but maybe the sustain isn’t quite right or the balance between the pickups seems off or maybe the A string is too loud compared to the others.The truth is that, for some guitars, there’s a lot more to do. A lot of it is personal preference but some of it isn’t.The semi-solid hybrid design brings a versatile twist to a classic shape, while the short scale neck and MHS Bass Humbuckers keep a firm footing in Gibson tradition.This thundering, yet agile and easy to play four string is a classic for a whole new generation.View full product details → Body: Mahogany Neck: Maple neck with a "C" profile, 1 5/8" wide nut, rosewood fretboard, 12" radius, and dot inlays Neck Thickness: .83" at the 1st fret, .94" at the 12th fret Pickups/Hardware: Original hardware, original pickup (rated at 9 k Ohms in the neck and 8.9 k in the bridge), three-way pickup selector switch, volume and tone controls Cosmetic Condition: Legit attitude FLOWS through this bass!