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The sobbing mother of one of two star runners mowed down by a soldier who jumped a red light told the man 'I don't get my daughter back in three years', as he was jailed for six years for the crash - a sentence that could be reduced to three years with good behaviour.

Stacey Burrows, 16, was on a training run with 17-year-old Lucy Pygott when they were hit by Michael Casey's speeding black Ford Focus in Aldershot, Hampshire, on November 8 last year.

Casey, 24, of Tottenham, north London, who had drunk four pints of lager and a jug of cocktail called the Godfather, was jailed for six years today after he admitted two counts of causing death by dangerous driving at Winchester Crown Court.

Stacey's mother, Helen, told Casey following the sentencing: 'I do not get my daughter back in three years, do I.' - a reference to the amount of time Casey will likely serve with good behaviour.

He told the court: 'I heard a loud bang and screams and ran down the steps frantically looking for Stacey only to be stopped by one of the parents who told me 'It's Stacey'.'Then I saw Stacey lying in the road with people trying to help her, I felt I died with Stacey that night, I cried with fear and I froze with shock.'Describing the impact on the family, Mr Burrows added: 'We just miss her so much it's painful.'Lucy's mother Lisa Pygott today describing seeing her daughter's bloodied body after she was run down, and said: 'That image traumatises me, it will stay with me until I die.

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