Dating cameroonian men

It is undoubtedly the best subject that could be used as a springboard toward other, more delicate ones.The answers to questions about family, food, national resources, work or someone’s background mostly depend on the level of education of the person to whom you are speaking.

SOUTHWEST REGION, CAMEROON – In a quiet quarter of a town in Cameroon’s Southwest region, a tall man steps out of his shiny, late-model Jeep.He has a gentle, friendly manner and a genuine and flirtatious smile.Location: Western Africa, bordering the Bight of Biafra, between Equatorial Guinea and Nigeria Capital: Yaounde Climate: varies with terrain, from tropical along coast to semiarid and hot in north Population: 23,130,708 (est.2014)Ethnic Make-up: Cameroon Highlanders 31%, Equatorial Bantu 19%, Kirdi 11%, Fulani 10%, Northwestern Bantu 8%, Eastern Nigritic 7%, other African 13%, non-African less than 1%Religions: indigenous beliefs 40%, Christian 40%, Muslim 20%Government: republic; multiparty presidential regime Cameroon is home to 230 languages.He stops to greet friends as he makes his way to the meeting spot, an off-license bar.

There is nothing in his neat and conservative dress, down-to-earth attitude, or ever-present good-guy smile that indicates this soft-spoken man has been at the heart of scams worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in half a dozen countries.In a study, researchers from the Oklahoma State University in the United States showed 100 female university students pictures of both married and single men and asked them how attractive they found them and which of them they would try to start a romance with.Some of the students were single while others were married and the pictures of the men were labelled as either married or single.Kamtok, or Pidgin English, has in many ways been the lingua franca of Cameroon since the 1880s.It is commonly used as a vehicle for enhancing communication in this bilingual country that has approximately 250 native dialects.The people of Cameroon are so diverse that it is usually not that easy to predict a person’s reaction upon meeting him/her for the first time.