Dating by compatibility

Do you find yourself saying, "If only she'd think before she spoke" or "I wish he'd be less lazy"? Does her alphabetized music collection make your skin crawl?What you see is what you get; so if you don't like your partner's temperament, don't try to fix it.We talked about various dating scenarios, about women who hold themselves back so as not to be intimidating, and about the emphasis often placed on compatibility, and what that relationship should look like from a gospel-shaped perspective.

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With their self-respect aiming high and strong personalities, it is easy for these two to take off their clothes and enjoy one another.

Their biggest problem could be their possible selfishness.

The more compatible you are with your partner, the more successful your relationship will likely be.

Here are seven areas of compatibility to examine when choosing a partner.

Since sexual harmony is probably the most important segment of the relationship to their sign ruled by Mars, this might lead to fights and the exchange of many sharp words.

The worst possible scenario is if one of them thinks extensively about the other’s satisfaction, while the other has no awareness of the needs of their giving partner.Opposites attract, so date someone who's nothing like you.But, wait a minute—isn't it important to find someone who has a similar background, values, and goals?Hence, there might be a lack of true human interaction in this segment of relationship.Their thoughts must be turned to their partner with no exception if they plan for their sexual relationship to work.While much has changed in their lives and in the dating scene for Christians in the last 20 years, much more about human relationships remains the same. Dating is usually confusing, potentially hurtful, and yet seemingly necessary.