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Our intrepid muscle explorer, Kent, has been eager to get his hands on her for quite some time, but when she shows up at a party he and his roommates are hosting, he loses all bravado and is seriously gunshy.

She presents herself to him, but he quickly backs down, almost in fear of the beauty before him.

Don't ask me why her hamstrings haven't received the credit they're due.

I think that just goes to show how underappreciated the hamstrings are, period.

May 07: Today, we've another hot clip of Amazon supermodel Ashley "She Hulk" Hromyak, whose incredible biceps are featured in the bedroom.

May 05: Today, we've got a nice long clip of Tram Nguyen showing off her beautiful legs.

Dec 28: Today, big, bad Andrea Giacomi shows off her huge legs, then does some back work in the gym. And as an added treat, we've got a special LONG clip from the 2009 Gladiator Challenge.

Dec 18: Those amazing legs of Jennifer Scarpetta are up again today. Nov 06: Today's full clip features the amazing Sarah Hayes from our summer 2010 shoot.He told me, "You got what it takes." So I started training and did my first show in 2011. The doctors told me I have a weak heart and I'd never be able to exercise because they were worried about my heart rate getting up. Lenda Murray is a champion female bodybuilder from the United States. Olympia title, the highest achievement in professional female bodybuilding. Among my qualifications are: – Arnold Classic Amateur Figure, 2010 – 1st Excalibur – U. Before receiving my Figure Pro card with the WBFF I was a top-level national figure competitor with the NPC. I will compete in the Body Fitness / Figure, both nationally and internationally.S., Overalls, 2009 – 1st Excalibur – USA Figure Class C, 2009 – 2nd GP Sweden 163 cm, 2009 – 2nd Oslo GP-163cm, 2009 – 9: a Lucia Body Fitness 163 cm, 2006 – 10: a SM Body Fitness 163 cm, 2006 – 1st Better Bodies Model Search, 2005 – 3rd Lucia Body Fitness-164cm, 2005 Click… As an individual, I strive for nothing less than the… How are female entrepreneurs the wonder women of industry disruption and innovation? I loved the movie “Wonder Woman” so much that I saw…