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After pushing down the bridge pins and tuning it up, I was immediately impressed with the tone, the volume and the 'playability'.

Exquisite details, all solid woods and an premium ebony fingerboard make this pre-war inspired guitar an instant classic.The BR-180 is a tone powerhouse with a beauty that is second to none.Blueridge specializes in "traditional" guitars that offer today's player vintage styling with modern performance at a level of quality and price that compares favorably to historic guitars.Each instrument is the result of detailed research and is carefully crafted at the Blueridge factory.Exquisite details and all solid woods make this pre-war inspired guitar an instant classic.

This pre-war inspired "Herringbone" dreadnought has it all.

Indian rosewood back and sides add a strong bass to the spruce top's already full sound.

The slim mahogany neck is comfortable and features a dovetail neck joint and adjustable truss rod.

I had previously purchased another guitar off the internet and when I received it, it was so light weight that it felt 'cheap', plus the intonation was quite a bit off. This guitar also has some heft and feels like a real guitar. the ABS bridge pins and end pin are an example of a cost saving measure, but this guitar has a bone nut and saddle, (like are you kidding me? I was actually 'underwhelmed' by the tone of several Martin guitars that I played in a very prestigious music store in Michigan, and which were several thousands more. But the BR-160A really does have a nice, rich, and full sound.

The 160A sound is a bit brighter and not quite as deep as my HD-28, but then again, the Adirondack top really hasn't had much time to open up.

In addition to acoustic guitars they also make , , , and .