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Whereas the Tea Caddy and the Sewing Box can be said to be accurate reflections of the stylistic and cultural influences of the 18th and 19th centuries, the Writing Box epitomizes the social and economic developments of this particular period.

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From the end of the 18th, to the end of the 19th century, the writing box featured prominently on military expeditions, travels, libraries and in drawing rooms.

Great literature as well as dispatches, contracts, letters and postcards were written on its sloping surface.

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Inistinct Antiques are located in Cramlington Northumberland.Ref 3863 - 4,750 - Cloth of gold 19th century French finished with an abundance of silver and gold bullion embroidery to panels and edges, partly worked on red velvet background; Victorious Lamb centre-piece on back. Ref 3945 - 4,650 - Cloth of gold 19th century French with very ornate gold bullion embroidered panels; Edges finished with gold bullion embroidery, and small gold flowers embroidered on the body of the Chasuble. Set comprises Chasuble, 2 Dalmatics, 2 Stoles, Chalice Veil & Burse. Ref 4060 - 4,975 - Cloth of gold with rich gold bullion embroidery directly onto the chasuble in panels and on the chasuble main body. Ref 6324 - 3,950 - Ivory silk moire, with coloured Connelli and gold embroidery; finely embroidered picture of Christ at the Last Supper centrepiece. Ref 6547 - 2,200 - White watered silk with gold bullion and coloured floral embroidered panels. Ref 5404 - 2,800 - Black velvet with rich silver bullion embroidery to the panels & edges. All pieces richly embroidered using gold thread & sequins covering the entirety of the Chasuble & Dalmatics.GERMAN MANTEL CLOCK WITH AN UNMARKED MOVEMENT IN OAK CASE WITH A DARK FINISH, CIRCA 1900-1920. THE FRONT DOOR HAS SQUARE GLASS OVER THE DIAL WITH BLACKED CORNERS WITH GOLD DECORATIONS. The case is made of Mahogany and has a few small dents. It has black Roman Numerals and black 5 minute Arabic Numerals. There are 4 unusual corner spandrels: a flower, a clover, and some kind of plant as the 2 right side spandrels.THE CASE IS VERY SIMPLE WITH A SLIGHTLY ARCHED TOP. THE CASE IS MADE OF WALNUT AND HAS A ROSEWOOD VENEERED FRONT AND DOOR. THE CASE IS ROSEWOOD VENEERED WITH THE ORIGINAL GILT STENCILING ON THE FRONT OF CASE AND ACROSS THE BASE OF THE CLOCK IS STENCILED IN GILT "J. The center of the silver dial is engraved "CHARLES FRODSHAM LONDON" and is hallmarked. The overlays represent Queen Elizabeth II's Silver Jubilee. LARGE FRENCH SLATE MANTEL CLOCK BY JAPY FRERES, PARIS, FRANCE. THE SLATE HAS FLORAL ETCHINGS IN GILT ON THE FRONT OF THE CASE.If you wish to find the perfect piece of antique furniture for your property, whether it is an individual item for one room, or a collection for an entire house, our experts are always on hand to advise you.