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There is a suggestion that the earliest Christians did not celebrate the birth of Christ, as birthdays were considered a pagan holiday.

As such, those in the Church strictly tried to avoid said holidays (they even didn’t use incense for a while because it was associated with pagan worship).. John Chrysostom confirms this date and gives his calculation based on the birth of St.

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John the Baptist, which is related to Christ’s birth as the Theotokos had visited her cousin Elizabeth (mother of St. Another later thought is that the celebration of the Winter Solstice is around this date and that there were Roman festivals.

These festivals were called ‘Saturnalia’ and ‘Dies Natalis Solis Invicti’ meaning “Birthday of the Unconquered Sun.” Regardless of who is right (or if anyone is right), we Christians celebrate Christmas on December 25.

Antiochian seminarians typically do not to have to go as deep into debt as their classmates from other jurisdictions thanks to the vision of Metropolitan Philip.

In addition to their seminary duties, married seminarians also have responsibilities to their wives and, in most cases, children.

When Metropolitan Philip was an impoverished seminarian at the Balamand in the 1940s, he vowed that, one day, if it were up to him, seminarians who were willing to devote their life to service in the Orthodox Church would have the financial support from the Church that they need to complete their studies.

By the will of God, he became Metropolitan of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America, and he has followed through on that vow.But marriage is scary; it can go wrong even when it begins well. If you can handle the following realities, then maybe marriage to a future clergyman is your vocation!A thick skin is needed as well as a holy life filled with prayer and fasting.There is a different between the Julian and Gregorian calendar of 13 days.We all used to be on the Julian Calendar, but noticing that the days and the events (hours of light, day of equinoxes, etc.) weren’t matching up, some Orthodox Christians jumped to the Gregorian Calendar.Perhaps the bishop decides he is not priest material. Even in the east, celibacy and monasticism is considered higher and for the 'kingdom.' Have you ever wondered why non-monks in the Roman-rite are called 'secular' priests?