Dating a prs guitar

The SE Standard 24 is a modern instrument with a powerful voice.This guitar pairs 24-fret versatility with a PRS-Designed tremolo and PRS-Designed HFS and Vintage Bass pickups, resulting in a guitar that handles well and sounds as good plugged straight into an amp as it does run through a pedal board. ” The company’s R&D chief handed Paul Reed Smith a freshly carved neck over the cluttered desk.

All four models also share the classic combination of all-mahogany bodies (reminiscent of Paul’s pre-factory guitars) and set mahogany necks with rosewood fretboards.

The four new SE Standard models are: the SE Standard 24, the SE Standard 22, the SE Standard 245, and the SE Santana Standard.

“The SE Series started with Carlos [Santana] and the desire to make PRS guitars available to a larger number of players.

To be able to maintain the quality we demand and be able to get these sold through our dealers for less than 0 is remarkable,” Paul Reed Smith.

We here at The Guitar Sanctuary have a long history with PRS guitars.

Geo was instrumental in helping to introduce Paul and his guitars to Texas and players from all over the country as part of the Dallas International Guitar Festival, dating back to PRS's introduction in 1985.PRS guitars are created amidst the counterpoint of an activated atmosphere and quaint surroundings of Smith’s hometown, Annapolis, Maryland.As you enter Maryland’s capital city from its landward side, through the relatively flat sandy coastal plain that runs along the Eastern Seaboard from New Jersey south, you’re immediately presented with the signs of a robust economy: fields sprouting brand new townhouse developments, busy strip malls and bustling industrial parks.All this shiny new Annapolis is wrapped around a core that consists of a small Eastern seaport city, dating from the 1600s, chock full of history. Naval Academy resonates with tradition, as does the charming, typically Mid-Atlantic open market on the harbor, or the magnificent open-water bridge spanning the mighty Chesapeake Bay.For a guy who isn't primarily a guitarist, you wouldn't think Mike would have as many guitars as he does, but believe it or not he's been seen with almost as many as Brad has over the years.I think it’s safe to say that PRS guitars have the rare distinction of having been regarded as both new kids on the block and instant collectible classics almost from the moment they came to the attention of the larger guitar world in the early Eighties.